Using No Code Tools as a Developer. Shame or not?

Today's world is fast. Everyone wants results ASAP. And coding is not always the answer. For example a basic backend with some data, technically you are able to spin up an Elastic Container, write some hundreds of boilerplate code with Docker and NodeJS, connect it to a DB with an ORM to create an API which serve you some data. And build an easy admin page for it. You have the knowledge, the opportunity and spare 100 hours. But if you're like me and don't want to reinvent the wheel, you can just create an Airtable acc (!or soon Notion!) and consume that API in your own frontend.

Build something to get 50% of the results in less than a week of work

No-Code tools are pretty fast to work with. Let's assume that you want to give an ebook for newsletter subscribers. You can build a website from scratch and integrate some newsletter tool, but why would you do this when there's an option to create a landing page with most of the newsletter tools out there? You can literally start the campaign in less than 30 minutes. That's what I did with my Academy page. I built that landing page with subscribing and mail automation in 1.5 hours. It's my MVP. When I'll have more data about my users and their needs, I'll create another, more refined version of it. How I get this data? It's easy. Just create an A/B test with the tool, I've used to build the landing page. There's no need to code anything, I'll have 2 separated versions live in minutes.

What if I have more complex needs?

Thank you for asking. The first thing is that you should define your MVP. Let's take Lade Academy for example again. I wanted to create it to help developers become successful at business. My idea is to create courses with videos and templates, and option for personal mentoring, group coaching too. So, what I did? Jumped in and started writing a new course platform, integrating newsletter API's and other things? Wrong!

I created a landing page to have some email subscribers, whom I can send free lessons. This way I get early feedback about the lessons and see that is there any market need for it, before I start creating videos or any other resources.

Remember! There's no shame in speeding up your work!

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