Gazduig Academy Online Courses


Gazduig Creative Agency needed a dedicated application to post their spectacular online courses and tutorials. I approached it with modern & budget solutions to help them growing in their first years, so we've built them a JAMStack based PWA. This is still a WIP project.

My contribution

Payment Integration Product design Development

The team

1 × art director 1 × project manager 2 × engineers




For this project we should keep in mind that the client is an early stage creative agency just starting out in the field of online education. So there should be an MVP developed first, which may be eventually grows into a more mature product. To tackle this, we started out with these technologies:

  • NextJS for SSR, serverless functions & Front-end
  • Auth0 for user authentication and authorization
  • Vercel for hosting, global CDN, and running serverless functions
  • TailwindUI for quickly setting up UI
  • Vimeo Pro for hosting domain protected videos and save money on multimedia
  • Snipcart for buying courses
  • Sanity as a Headless CMS for creating new courses and modifying them

This is a pretty common but fairly new way of applications. With this JAMStack, we are able to fully skip creating a custom server or an admin site for the application.


We are waiting for the launch and the initial statistics, but I'll definitely update this article when there'll be more data.