Get to know me


I'm David. Experienced Tech Lead, Product-centered Full Stack Dev, Content Creator & entrepreneur. Enthusiastic about growth-mindset and self-development, passionate about Digital Marketing, UX & self-growth. I create content, write code & manage people.

As a Software Engineer: I create user-centered web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies like React Native, Flutter, GraphQL, and ESNext for more than 5 years. I love to learn new things by experimenting with state of the art technologies (mostly JS related). And because of my entrepreneurial mindset, I create apps business & product first, so I'm always involved in estimating, scoping, service design.

As a Content Creator: I like sharing my knowledge with others, so I write for several tech blogs and authoring my blog too. I also create content for Instagram and Youtube to teach software devs how to be successful as freelancers.

As a Manager: I've got experience in managing small & medium-sized product development teams, running a digital agency. We successfully finished several projects that were started from the ground up with lean, agile methods for multiple clients. I managed the projects from estimation & proposal, through design & development, until marketing & maintenance.


I create tutorials & vlogs


Some of the books I’ve really enjoyed reading recently

4 Hour Workweek Cover

4 Hour Workweek
Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New RichTimothy Ferriss

Compeny of One Cover

Company of One
Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for BusinessPaul Jarvis

Bigger Leaner Stronger Cover

Bigger Leaner Stronger

Michael Matthews